Damage Soda

Damage Soda

People accept to drink soft drinks in the hot days because they believe that they remove thirst and feel Baltarwaa and this belief is completely wrong because it imbalances the body fluids and get dry, as a person needs to drink a quantity of water equivalent to seven times the amount of soft drinks to restore this balance and does not stop The subject at this point has recently been limited to ten damage and diseases caused by soft drinks of the body and are:

1 – Obesity: The drinking of one pack of soft drinks a day to increase half a kilogram per month because of the large quantities of sugar and increase diet sweetened sweeteners artificial body weight higher than that caused by soft drinksNormal reactions to hormonal interactions.
2 – liver damage: Excessive intake of these drinks increases the possibility of cirrhosis of the liver as caused by alcoholic beverages.
3– Tooth decay: Due to its strong sweetness, these drinks effectively dissolve the outer layer of teeth and increase the likelihood of tooth decay (2-3) times compared to the sugars found in sweets.
4 – Kidney stones: Drinking more than four packages (250) ml per week increases the risk of kidney stones by 15%
5 – Diabetes: Since these drinks cause obesity, it paves the way for diabetes and the amount of sugar in one pack a heavy burden on the body to metabolize and burn.
6 – Esophageal reflux: It is the exit of infectious acidic acid from the stomach to the esophagus causing a disturbing sensation of burning extends to the end of the mouth and causes excessive consumption of these drinks
7 – Osteoporosis and fragility: These drinks decrease the proportion of calcium in blood, the body compensates this deficiency by withdrawing calcium from the bones become bones of the body gradually weak bones and fragile.
8– High blood pressure: The high consumption of these beverages, whether normal or diet high blood pressure and it increases the viscosity of blood and acidity.
9 – Heart disease: The consumption of more than one package a day lead to the emergence of metabolic syndrome, which are four symptoms: ((overweight – high blood pressure – high blood sugar – high cholesterol)
10 – Infections and gastrointestinal disorders: The acid in these drinks increase the acidity of the stomach, which leads to scratching the walls so doctors warn of drinking on the stomach and also cause a significant imbalance in the acid alkali of the stomach and the twelve, which leads to the occurrence of infections.

It is worth mentioning that the cessation of eating these drinks is the only solution to avoid harm is the drinks do not need the body and can be replaced with water or fresh juices without hesitation

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