Saturated fatty acids
Vitamin A – Beta Carotene
Vitamin A – Retinol
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B3
Vitamin B5
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B9
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin K K1 K2
Minerals and trace elements:
Other polyphenols
Total Polyphenols

The Benefits:

Carminative and digestive (anti-nausea, bad breath, aerophagia)
Toning muscle
Aphrodisiac (for men more than for women).

-Effective against bad cholesterol

Mint has many antioxidant properties to delay the oxidation of bad cholesterol and thus makes it effective against it. Especially for people suffering from obesity, infusion with mint is an excellent natural remedy. Also for those who follow slimming diets we will know only too much to recommend it to you.

Capacity of decongestion

Mint is excellent for reducing respiratory congestion. You have a stuffy nose, take an infusion of mint leaves (five leaves infuse in boiling water for a few minutes) two to three cups a day. When drinking, take care to inhale the mint vapor that is released, and realize its effectiveness. It is also possible to use a few drops to unclog the nasal passages, putting three drops of this warm infusion into each nostril. The freshness of the mint will act, and will relieve you of this fact.

Almost all antioxidants are dissolved

When the peppermint leaf is soaked in water, 75% of its aromatic phenolic compounds are found there. Infusions of mint leaves keep almost all of its antioxidant capabilities . Studies show that fresh herbs have an antioxidant capacity sometimes higher than that of certain fruits and vegetables . As a result, the addition of herbs of mints on a regular basis in the diet to contribute to an additional supply of antioxidants.

Very useful for digestion

Considered as an aromatic herb, mint has always been an effective way to fight digestive disorders. For those who are suffering from indigestion, gastric disorders, be aware that a daily infusion of mint will relieve you in many ways. Instead of having coffee after the meal, go for mint water. You boil a glass of water, let infuse the mint for 2 to 3 minutes then enjoy the pleasure of savoring it.

A good sleep stimulant and source of relaxation.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Mint has relaxing and soothing properties that could help you to overcome insomnia. Avoid consuming the mint infusion late at night.

It has spasmolytic virtues.

The reasoned and daily use of mint water allows you to avoid sudden, involuntary contractions of your heart and gastrointestinal muscles. So make a habit of at least one mint infusion daily to minimize as much as possible sudden cramps better still intestinal gas.

Reduces intestinal gas production

Mint, garlic and ginger all have one thing in common. They promote the expulsion of intestinal gas, while reducing their production. In this regard, we recommend mint water early in the morning to purify the body. This allows you to spend a good day without worrying about an unfortunate intestinal incident.

Regains the antibacterial

Mint contains compounds, substances that prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses on the internal surfaces of our body or that may appear on the external surfaces of the body. It thus limits the development of parasitic fungi. The infusion of leaves with mint allows the preservation of its substances over a longer period.

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