Chocolate Crinkles

19th July 2017 adminz 0

These round disks have a delicate crisp crunch, yet remain intensely soft and moist inside. Sifting the dry ingredients is important because you want the […]

Chocolate Coconut Cookies

19th July 2017 adminz 0

These resemble Florida coconut patties, a candy with a rich, coconut center, surrounded by a thin chocolate shell. In our cookie version, a creamy coconut […]

Chocolate Chews

19th July 2017 adminz 0

Think of these delicate cookies as fallen meringues: very moist inside, crunchy outside. Make sure the sliced almonds are fresh—they should smell sweet and nutty, […]

Brownies Drops

19th July 2017 adminz 0

these intense chocolate treats taste like fudgy brownies, although they definitelyhave the texture of cookies. Soft and luscious, they will melt in your mouth. They’re […]

Chocolate Chili

12th June 2017 adminz 0

Yield: 1 Servings 1 1/2 lb pork lean,ground coarse 1 c olive oil,or veg oil 5 med onion,chopped coarse 2 c tomato juice 3 c […]